ENTER25 eTourism conference

Meet the journal editor

17-21 February 2025 – Wrocław, Poland

Publication Forum


At the ENTER25 eTourism conference, on Wednesday evening join the “Meet the Journal Editors: Publication Forum,” special session  where authors can engage directly with leading editors from prominent academic journals. This forum offers a unique opportunity for scholars to gain valuable insights into the publication process, learn about journal scopes, submission guidelines, and editorial expectations firsthand. During the session, attendees will have the chance to interact with journal editors representing various disciplines and fields of study. Authors can present their research ideas, discuss potential submission topics, and receive personalized advice on navigating the publication landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned researcher or new to academic publishing, this forum provides a supportive environment for sharing ideas, seeking feedback, and building connections within the scholarly community. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to connect with journal editors, gain valuable insights into publishing trends, and take the next steps towards sharing your research with the wider academic community. Join us for the “Meet the Journal Editors: Publication Forum” and embark on your journey towards successful publication.


Journal paper clinic


At the ENTER25 eTourism conference, on Thursday evening esteemed journal editors will be hosting a journal paper clinic, offering authors a unique opportunity to receive expert feedback and guidance on their research papers. This session is designed to assist authors in refining their manuscripts, improving clarity, structure, and overall quality. During the clinic, authors can discuss specific questions or concerns they have about their papers and receive personalized advice from experienced editors. To participate in the paper clinic, authors are encouraged to bring a copy of their manuscript to the session. Each author will have the opportunity to present their paper to the editors, who will then provide constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement. Authors can also ask questions about the publication process, journal submission guidelines, and strategies for increasing the impact of their research. This interactive session offers authors invaluable insights into the peer-review process and best practices for preparing scholarly manuscripts. Whether you are seeking feedback on a work-in-progress or finalizing a manuscript for submission, the paper clinic is an essential resource for authors looking to enhance the quality and relevance of their research. Don’t miss this opportunity to receive expert guidance and support from journal editors at the conference paper clinic.

Please note that authors have the opportunity to join IFITT which gives them a substantial discount on conference registration fees and access to the global eTourism community.

Journals supporting and editors participating in the research clinics

Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology – Cihan Cobanoglu

Journal of Tourism Futures – Ian Yeoman

Journal of Smart Tourism – Chulmo Koo

Tourism Review – Dimitrios Buhalis, Daisy Fan, Xi Leung, Peter O’Connor

Spanish Journal of Marketing – Carlos Flavian

European Journal of Tourism Research – Stanislav Ivanov

Robonomics: The Journal of the Automated Economy – Stanislav Ivanov

Journal of Service Theory & Practice – Marianna Sigala

Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Management – Marianna Sigala

Electronic Markets: The International Journal on Networked Business – Marianna Sigala

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