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ENTER is the annual conference organised by the International Federation for IT and Travel & Tourism (IFITT).

For 30 years, ENTER eTourism conference has brought together the Tourism and IT industry, academia, government, and other organisations. ENTER eTourism conference offers a worldwide and unique forum to actively exchange, share, and challenge state-of-the-art research and industrial case studies on the application of ICTs in travel and tourism. Everyone who shares knowledge, experience, and a true passion for ICT in travel and tourism, is warmly welcome!

IFITT is the leading independent global community. It was created for discussing, exchanging, and developing knowledge about the use and impact of new information and communication technologies (ICT) in the travel and tourism industry and experience. Currently, the IFITT has more than 10 000 followers from Europe, Asia, South and North America, Africa and Australia.

Destination ENTER


Wrocław is Poland’s third largest city. Join ENTER25 to experience Polish Hospitality!


Are you interested in hosting the next ENTER conference? Please check the requirements and bid to bring ENTER to your destination.

Why attend ENTER Conference?

Interdisciplinary knowledge exchange

ENTER25 eTourism conference is designed to generate engagement and impact of your research as we work together towards the IFITT mission of sharing knowledge, experience, and passion for ICT in travel and tourism.

Networking opportunities with experts

ENTER25 eTourism conference attendees will have a unique opportunity to learn from and network with interdisciplinary experts who work at the intersection of tourism and technology.

Knowledge sharing

The ENTER25 eTourism conference proceedings will be indexed in Scopus, under the Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics series.

We don’t care just about travel tech research and education. Wellbeing of our members matters as well.

30+ years of ENTER conferences containing thought-provoking presentations, inspiration, and fun

More than 1500+ papers published with thousands of citations to this date

Life-long friendships

ENTER as a conference singlehandedly developed the global eTourism community and provided the birthplace for many innovations that have transformed the international tourism world. IFITT engages the community and supports a range of events, activities, scholarships and plays a leading role in global engagement to address key challenges in the tourism and technology sphere.
Prof. Dimitrios Buhalis, Bournemouth University, Poole, UK

IFITT and ENTER have been, and are, an incredible environment for the evolution of the whole eTourism field and for my personal development as a scholar. Besides that, it is a wonderful community in which discussions, collaborations, chats and friendships develop almost spontaneously and with great value for all those who are involved
Prof. Rodolfo Baggio, Bocconi University, Milan, Italy

Since 1993…

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Are you interested in hosting the next ENTER conference?

Please check the requirements and bid to bring ENTER to your destination.

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