Discover the power of knowledge-sharing with IFITTtalk events and webinars, a unique platform brought to you by IFITT. IFITTtalk offers an unparalleled opportunity for members to showcase their expertise, connect with industry peers, and drive innovation in the eTourism sector. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an emerging voice, IFITTtalk provides the perfect stage to present your insights, research, and ideas on a wide range of eTourism topics.

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The International Federation for Information Technology and Travel & Tourism (IFITT) actively supports the organization of workshops that deal with topics related to Information and Communication Technologies in a travel, tourism, leisure, hospitality and/or events context – eTourism. 

Within this topical context, the main objective of the IFITTtalk workshops is to spark conversations, introduce new approaches, stay informed, find strategic partners and network, transfer knowledge between academia and the industry, or position an organization / community / group / person.

There are three different types of workshops:

  • Standard workshop type focuses on general-purpose events addressing one specific travel, tourism, leisure, hospitality and/or events context community or a variety of communities.
  • Student/University workshop type is an event hosted at a college or university, and is organized by university staff or students. It gives universities the opportunity to share research outcomes, innovations and ideas they are creating.
  • Salon workshop type is an event that takes place on a regular basis (at least twice) and one of its main objectives is to keep the community engaged.

Call for Workshop Applications

IFITT invites its members interested in organizing an IFITTtalk to apply by providing a short overview of the planned workshop. An IFITT member, who takes the role of IFITT “Ambassador”, has the responsibility for preparing the application and – if approved – for the success of the event. Applications have to cover the following aspects:

  • Event name is IFITTtalk@location (e.g. IFITTtalk@Innsbruck)
  • Topic 
  • Goals 
  • Time and place
  • Duration (can be either half a day – impulse workshop – or max two half days, which can be on the same or on different days – longevity workshop)
  • Structure (time has to be allocated for a presentation of IFITT)
  • Format (among the three ones outlined above)
  • Presenters (at least one IFITT board member has to be involved as a speaker, so to stress IFITT institutional support; exceptions can be approved by the board; the participation might also be via online conference)
  • Entrance fee (should be free for IFITT members; others should pay, even a symbolic fee, towards the coverage of costs)

Please forward your application to [email protected]. Each application will go through a review process and will be voted to be approved at the next board meeting following the application. Successful applications will get support for PR activities related to the workshop and a contribution towards the coverage of costs. Impulse workshops will be eligible for a forfeit contribution of EUR 500, and longevity workshops for EUR 1’000; the participation of an IFITT board member can be covered on top of this.

Two weeks after the workshop the organizer should send a one-page report summarizing achieved results in terms of public, media and social media coverage as well as recordings of key sessions. The workshop which achieves the highest success will be awarded “IFITTtalk workshop of the year award” at the next ENTER conference.

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