ENTER25 eTourism conference


17-21 February 2025 – Wrocław, Poland

Sofia Gkiousou_ENTER25

Sofia Gkiousou

Sofia Gkiousou Is currently Government Affairs & Public Policy Senior Manager at Google in California, USA. Previously she was the Airbnb Campaign Initiatives and Policy Lead, EMEA based in London, UK. Sofia is a dynamic leader at the nexus of policy and business, currently serving as the Public Policy Lead at Google, with a focus on government relations and strategic campaigning. With a robust background in business-minded policy advocacy, Sofia brings a wealth of international experience to her role, having previously served in key positions at Google and Airbnb. In her current role, She spearheads initiatives to harmonize global product strategies with regional political landscapes, ensuring alignment with local regulations and fostering constructive relationships with government stakeholders. Her leadership extends beyond borders, as she navigates complex organizational structures with finesse, inspiring change and leading diverse teams through challenges and crises. Sofia is not only a seasoned professional but also a dedicated mentor, investing in the development of younger policy professionals and emphasizing the importance of resilience amidst change. As a proud member of the College of Experts at the ESRC Digital Good Network, Sofia advises on industry engagement, leveraging her expertise in digital business, online trust, and gaming communities. With a Master’s degree in Innovation Management & Technology Policy from Birkbeck, University of London, and a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities & Media from the same institution, Sofia combines academic rigor with real-world experience to drive impactful policy outcomes in the technology sector.