Proceedings of the ENTER24 Ph.D. Workshop available now!

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The ENTER Ph.D. Workshop serves as the antecedent event for the annual ENTER International eTourism Conference, meticulously organized by the International Federation for Information Technology and Travel & Tourism (IFITT). Annually, this workshop affords doctoral students a distinctive opportunity to actively engage in the presentation and discourse of their research with peers and eminent scholars within the field. Encouragement is extended to doctoral students at all phases of their academic journey, encompassing both initial stages and those on the verge of completion. The ENTER Ph.D. Workshop’s particular significance, this comprehensive workshop spans an entire day, providing participants with the invaluable prospect of refining their research concepts and structuring their work within a critical yet supportive milieu. This refinement is facilitated through feedback channels from mentors, experts, and senior researchers embedded in the global IT and Tourism research community. Furthermore, the workshop serves as an insightful preview into the prospective trajectory of eTourism research. Consequently, on behalf of IFITT, we take pride in presenting the Proceedings of the ENTER24 Ph.D. Workshop, as we firmly believe that these scholarly contributions epitomize the forthcoming generation of eTourism research. These submissions, encapsulating diverse research domains such as smart tourism, technology development, social media analysis, and contemporary issues in eTourism, not only capture a wide spectrum but also address the ramifications and applications of cutting- edge technologies affecting the global landscape of travel and tourism. The expectation is that these research themes will persist in development, and the emerging scholars will continue propelling the trajectory of eTourism study. The fruition of the Proceedings and the workshop itself is indebted to the unwavering support of an exceptional community. Foremost, sincere gratitude is extended to the members of the Scientific Committee, whose dedication of time and expertise during the review process has been invaluable. Additionally, heartfelt thanks are conveyed to senior experts who volunteered their mentorship to students and contributed to the workshop program. Equally, profound appreciation is extended to Jelena Dorčić, the ENTER24 overall chair, her team, and all IFITT board members for their indispensable support. Most importantly, we extend warm congratulations to all students who submitted their research proposals to the ENTER24 Ph.D. Workshop. Recognizing them as the prospective leaders of the IT and Tourism research community, we convey our best wishes for their continued success as they diligently navigate the culmination of their doctoral studies and embark on the next captivating phase of their careers.


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