IFITT Hannes Werthner Tourism and Technology Lifetime Achievement Award

The Hannes Werthner Tourism and Technology Lifetime Achievement Award is given to an individual from academia, industry or government, who has made significant contributions to the advancement of the field/practice of tourism and technology.
The winner of 2021 award is Professor Francesco Ricci, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano.

ENTER Conference Best Full Paper Award 2021

1stPlace – C.K. Bruce Wan, Cees J. P. M. de Bont, Paul Hekkert and Kenny K. N. Chow: “Finding meaning through travel journaling: a strength-based approach“.
2ndPlace – Joanne Yu and Roman Egger: “Tourist experiences at overcrowded attractions: A text analytics approach“.
3rdPlace – David Massimo and Francesco Ricci.: “Next-POI Recommendations Matching User’s Visit Behaviour“.

ENTER Conference Best Short Paper Award 2021

1stPlace – Shihan Ma and Andrei Kirilenko: “How reliable is social media data? Validation of TripAdvisor tourism visitations using independent data sources“.
2ndPlace – Junyi Wang, Xueting Zhai and Qiuju Luo: “How COVID-19 impacts Chinese travelers’ mobility decision-making processes: A Bayesian network model“.
3rdPlace – Xiao Rui Tie, Hyunae Lee and Namho Chung: “Airbnb Host’s Perceptions on Airbnb CSR and Organizational Justice in Airbnb 2.0“.

ENTER Conference Best PhD Proposal Award 2021

1stPlace – Jia-Li Chang & Hui Li: “Personalized travel recommendation for group of users: A hybrid method with sentiment analysis and group consensus”.
2ndPlace – Yingying Du & Hanqin Qiu: “Reduce stress and contribute to the wellbeing: Measuring Tourist’s Emotional Experiences toward Virtual Reality”.
3rdPlace – Rafael Almeida de Oliveira, Renata Maria Abrantes Baracho Porto & Lorenzo Cantoni: “Cultural Sustainability: conceptual model and indicators for smart destinations”.

IFITT Thesis Excellence Award

Francisco Femenia Serra “Smart Tourism Destinations: A Demand-Based Approach For Improving Local Tourism Management“.

IFITT ICT4D Scholarship

ENTER21 was organized as an online conference and everyone had an opportunity to join the conference from all around the world. Thus, ICT4D scholarship to cover the conference participation was not awarded this year.

Best IFITTtalk of the Year

IFITTtalks were affected by COVID-19 and the award is not given this year. However, IFITT appreciates all the work various chapters are doing in the field of eTourism.

IFITT 2021 Journal Paper of the Year Award

Tuomi, A., Tussyadiah, I., Ling, E. C., Miller, G., & Lee, G. (2020). x=(tourism_work) y=(sdg8) while y= true: automate (x). Annals of Tourism Research. 102978.
Park, S., Xu, Y., Jiang, L., Chen, Z., & Huang, S. (2020). Spatial structures of tourism destinations: A trajectory data mining approach leveraging mobile big data. Annals of Tourism Research, 84, 102973
Marine-Roig, E., & Huertas, A. (2020). How safety affects destination image projected through online travel reviews. Journal of Destination Marketing & Management, 18, 100469.

2021 JITT Article of the Year sponsored by IFITT

Cook, D. (2020). The freedom trap: digital nomads and the use of disciplining practices to manage work/leisure boundaries. Information Technology & Tourism, 1-36.
Dietz, L. W., Sen, A., Roy, R., & Wörndl, W. (2020). Mining trips from location-based social networks for clustering travelers and destinations. Information Technology & Tourism, 22(1), 131-166.

2021 Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology Paper of the Year Award

Barreda, A. A., Nusair, K., Wang, Y., Okumus, F., & Bilgihan, A. (2020). The impact of social media activities on brand image and emotional attachment. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology.

2021 eTourism Industry Contribution Award

Not given this year because of the uncertainty caused by COVID-19. The award will be dedicated to the whole industry for their adoption and use of technologies during these trying times.

Congratulations, well done and thank you for your contribution!

IFITT would like to thank Director of Research Excellence Juho Pesonen for overseeing the award identification processes. Last but not least, our sincere gratitude goes to the awards committee and colleagues in it, and, in particular, to Wolfgang Wöndl, Chulmo Koo, Jason Stienmetz (research track chairs), Zheng Xiang (IFITT president), and Berta Ferrer-Rosell (the PhD workshop award) for organising and supporting the process.