As an IFITT member, you can:

Organize an IFITT event or apply for IFITTtalk funding

Apply to start a geographical or thematic IFITT chapter

Submit an application for IFITT Social Media Internship

Apply for access to the IFITT premium Zoom account

Apply to host the next ENTER conference

Nominate someone for an IFITT award

Apply to become an IFITT board member

You can also access our community forums. In the forums, you can:

  • Have you published research within the field of ICTs and tourism? Just post your research paper to our forums in the section eTourism Knowledge and we will help to share the news through IFITT social media and other communication channels.
  • Access IFITT board meeting minutes. All board meeting minutes will be uploaded to the membership forum. You can also discuss and ask the board questions regarding the board meetings.
  • Want to tell something to our community? Currently, we have more than 1300 people subscribing to our newsletter. If you want to reach this global community, add your content to the newsletter section on the discussion boards. There is a section for every month’s newsletter. Topics added to the newsletter will also be shared through the News section on the IFITT webpage.
  • Want to find project partners or collaborations? There is a section for this as well. Network with the community through the discussion boards.
  • Are you looking for a job or have an open position? Add the information to the discussion boards for our community to find it.

We are building the world’s largest community of knowledge generation and sharing in ICTs in tourism and hospitality. Join us!