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On May 8th, 2024, IFITTtalk brought together an academic and business community passionate about exploring how AI is set to transform tourism marketing. We explored strategic digital marketing with insights from renowned author PR Smith on his SOSTAC® methodology, used by global leaders like LinkedIn and KPMG. Plus, we shared the MarTech Laboratory’s free workshop series developed by Dr John Bustard which provides practical, strategic applications of generative AI and was used first with participants from IFITT’s Africa Chapter to support future leaders in the market.

A huge author PR Smith, Principal Investigator at the MarTech Laboratory, John Bustard, IFITT President Jacques Bulchand and IFITT Events Director Jelena Dorcic and for sharing their expertise. Further thanks to Patience Tropo (IFITT Head of Chapters) and Juho Pesonen (former IFITT President) for their support from thank you to all our speakers, including renowned initiation back in December 2023.

We invite all interested individuals to join a series of four free workshops and register below  (Please write your email address instead of nickname).

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