IFITT Outstanding Industry Contribution Award

The Award is given to enterprises that make a significant contribution to the growth and success of technology adoption, integration, or use in the tourism industry.
– Small Enterprises: Pixtri
– Medium and Large Enterprises: Tripadvisor

IFITT Innovative Destination’ Award
The Award is given to the most innovative DMO of the year.
– MySwitzerland.com

IFITT Hannes Werthner Tourism and Technology Lifetime Achievement Award
The Hannes Werthner Tourism and Technology Lifetime Achievement Award is given to an individual from academia, industry or government who has made significant contributions to the advancement in the field of tourism and technology.
– The winner of 2013 is Daniel R. Fesenmaier from the Temple University.

20 Year IFITT Vision Award
The 20 Year IFITT Vision Award is given to people that made outstanding contributions to the development of IFITT and ENTER in the past 20 years.
1. Georg Lamp who is the head of Congress Innsbruck.
2. Andreas Braun who is the former head of Tirol Werbung.

IFITT Thesis Excellence Award
The Thesis Excellence Award awarded students who successfully defended their theses in the field of tourism and technology between October 1, 2011 and September 30, 2012.

Category Master:
1. Amina Reimann who presented his thesis on ” Hotel Mobile Applications: Analysing the State-Of-The-Art and Proposing a Concept”.
2. Anna Schild who presented her thesis on “Augmented Reality as Advertising Tool: Perceived Value and its effects provided by AR-enriched traditional print advertisement in the Tourism Industry”
3. Emre Ronay for her thesis about “NFC Smart City: Cities of the Future: Application of a Scenario Method and a Complex System Framework to Illuminate the Uncertain Future of Tourism Destinations”.

Category PhD:
1. Clemens Költringer who presented her thesis “Evaluating Destination Online Representation – Leveraging Online Media for Market Research”
2. Dan Wang who presented her thesis on “A framework for smartphone for travel”
3. Rosanna Leung who presented her thesis “Human Factors in Website Usability and Aesthetic: Theory and Applications to Hotels in Hong Kong”.

IFITT Journal Paper of the Year Award 2013
1. Dan Wang , Sangwon Park and Daniel R. Fesenmaier (2012). The Role of Smart Phones in Mediating the Travel Experience.
2. Haiyan Song, Bastian Z. Gao and Vera S. Lin (2012). Combining statistical and judgmental forecasts via a web-based tourism demand forecasting system.
3. Timothy H. Jung, Elizabeth M. Ineson and Emma Green (2012). Online social networking: relationship marketing in UK hotels.

IFITT Best Paper Award 2013
1. Iis Tussyadiah, Florian Zach. “Social Media Strategy and Capacity for Consumer Co-Creation among Destination Marketing Organizations”.
2. Marius Kaminskas, Ignacio Fernández-Tobías, Francesco Ricci and Iván Cantador. “Ontology-based Identification of Music for Places”.
3. Dan Wang and Daniel R. Fesenmaier. “Transforming the Travel Experience: The Use of Smartphones for Travel”.

IFITT Best PhD Proposal Award 2013
1. Jason Stienmetz. “Developing New Social Media Metrics for Destination Customer Relationship Management”.
2. Julia Neidhardt. “A Framework for network and social influence analysis”
3. Soultana Symeonidou. “Contextbased mobile Marketing for tourism businesses”.